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Better Design Stories

Ortizferrer Design 

Products are an ensemble of multiple elements that orchestrated in the right way, will enable people to enjoy and fruice a better experience and transform thier lifes.

We believe a product is a continues way of engaging customers with relevant meaning for their life, delivering a balance of functions and contextual emotions.

Design focuses on this relation and the way this will be expressed in time, creating an ecosystem of elements to deliver the experience to people.

The importance of the story is that to success on this communication, we need three key elements: the idea, an authentic proposition; a context to add relevant meaning and time, as a natural engagement on how people will be transformed with our products.

We do and believe on better design stories asa way of engaging people with brands continuously.

Cultural revolution

Asian consumers , empowered by a phenomenal cultural growth are facing a high demand for better experiences.  In this model of opportunities, brands and businesses need to have easy access to new standards of Design that reflects the way China is creating and delivering value. 
This section will attend topics related about China's fantastic cultural evolution and how this shapes the role of Design in the region and globally.



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